Welcome to the Smart Home Generation!

We’re not quite the Jetsons just yet (although a flying car parked outside our sky-home sounds great), but the majority of homebuyers — 52% being millennials — are becoming more interested in smart home technology in their next purchase. What do we mean by “smart homes”? Technology is now available that automates interior climate remotely, regulates custom lighting scenarios, locks and unlocks your doors, and orders groceries and household items on command!

Sounds a little sci-fi, eh? It’s nothing you don’t already have in your hands. Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, or whatever inappropriate nickname you call them when they don’t perform correctly (you know you do!), companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have already designed our phones and smart devices like iPhones, Google Home or Amazon Echoes to perform the futuristic tasks mentioned above.

After seeing so many more homes equipped with these fancy gadgets, we figured we’d give you the lowdown on some of our favorites that won’t break the budget, which you can install for your enjoyment, or to intrigue your home’s next buyers!

Climate: Nest Thermostat

Gone are the days where you set those complicated Honeywell thermostats with heating/cooling times for each day of the week in hopes of saving on your energy bill. The Nest, since 2011, was the first “learning” thermostat that connects with your smartphone to optimize energy usage using a few cool features. First, since it can be controlled with your phone, your phone will alert the Nest when you leave your home, thus automatically reducing heat (or cooling). Second, it guarantees that it will self-learn your routine after a week. Like to have breakfast at 7:30a with a little burst of warmth? – Nest will know. Changing seasons? Nest adjusts. Lastly, when paired with the Nest Carbon Monoxide detector, Nest Thermostat will automatically cut power to the heat and fan. Best of all? Super easy to install and very nice looking on the wall!

Lighting: Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

Not only are LED lights cheaper (long-term) to operate, these wi-fi-controlled bulbs can be customized with your smartphone to change colors, dimness, and have preset “moods” depending on what you’re in for. We even had one client that set their bulbs to flash red when receiving a text message!

Sound: Sonos

Sonos is by far one of the most-advanced yet the most-easily operable system of speakers designed for every possible scenario: movies, parties, easy listening in one room, etc. Controlled by a central app (there’s a theme here, isn’t there!), users are able to select which rooms and at what volume for each that they would like to broadcast their Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. If one user is watching a movie in one room with the Sonos Playbar, another user can still play music in the kitchen with another Sonos speaker while cooking without interference. One of us was lucky enough from Santa to really give them a test drive and we give a double thumbs up!

Lock/Unlock: Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

This is definitely one of our favorites! Despite a normal deadbolt appearance, this next generation locking system allows “push-to-unlock” technology used when detecting your phone nearby. You’re also able to remotely check to see which member of your home has entered/left most recently with the Android and iOS apps. What’s even cooler, is the ability to email your friends/extended family temporary “e-keys” when you’re not able to be home to meet them! And lastly, Kwikset offers FREE keys whenever you lose the real thing (which, we have a feeling would be often if you’re not in the habit of needing one!).

Intrigued? Call or message us to find a move-in ready, Inspector Gadget smart home of your dreams!