NOW is the time to list! Inventory is at historic lows.

Realtor.Com published an article on the ten markets with the lowest inventory – our area was on this list! (Actually, made #1) (See here.)

263 New People are Moving to Seattle EACH Day! 

1. Seattle, WA

Percentage of housing stock for sale: 0.4%
Decrease in for-sale homes in 2016: 13.4%

Seattle’s blazing job market, spearheaded by the city’s unstoppable tech industry, powers double-digit price increases and leaves buyers competing hard for a dwindling number of houses. Only one in every 263 homes you see in Seattle is for sale. Sorry, Amazonians!

While the tech economy is relatively new, the housing shortage is not. Around 65% of Seattle’s land is zoned only for single-family homes, according to the Seattle Times, blocking developers from building high-density apartment buildings in most of the city.

And then there’s the foreign investors, who have snapped up much of whatever paltry inventory has existed. Last summer, nearby Vancouver announced a 15% tax on foreign property investors, sending many straight across the U.S. border to Seattle. And lots of these investors are holding on to property with no immediate plans to inhabit it.

It’s a trend that has some worried.

In Seattle – 1 out of every 263 Homes is For Sale. 

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