You may have seen the headlines — According to Freddie Mac, Interest Rates for home loans is the lowest they have been in… 50 YEARS!… WOW.

Simply put: Incredible Time to be a BUYER. Sure, inventory is ridiculously low so its a GREAT time to be a seller but equally – to be a buyer. For the investment aspect alone and the savings to YOU AS THE BUYER. Read on, ill explain and show you the numbers:

Lets talk about numbers (using estimates and $750K – average Dwell sold price).

  • At 2.875%, 20% down, estimated mortgage payment is: $2489.
  • At 5% (which we saw about 18 months ago..), 20% down, estimate mortgage payment is: $3221.

Savings of: $732 A MONTH or, $8784 a YEAR, or $263,520 savings over a 30 year term.

This exact scenario – (buyers locking in historically low interest rates) – is why we’ve seen a summer frenzy! Buyers are wanting to lock in these incredibly low interest rates for their more ‘forever’ homes, and putting their wealth at first priority. Lets partner together! We have incredible lenders in our corner – local and trusted.