Well if the weather forecast didn’t tell you already – we are deep into the fall season, or ‘The Big Dark’ here in the PNW. As the seasons change it’s a great reminder to put some TLC into your home and work through a checklist to get your home ready for the upcoming months!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


  • Clear Any Leaves & Debris 
  • Aerate the Soil
    • If you really want to go above and beyond (and ensure you get that gorgeous lawn in the spring) Fall is the perfect time to give your lawn a little extra love. Aerating is done by making holes in the ground, which lets air, water, and other nutrients into your soil. 
  • Fertilize the Grass
    • By applying fertilizer to your lawn before the weather gets really chilly, you’re helping the roots stay healthy and help prevent winter damage. 
  • Prune Shrubs & Trees


  • Clean Gutters
  • Drain Outdoor Faucets
    • Set a reminder on your phone to disconnect all your garden houses from the spigots before the temperatures drop down to freezing. Pick up foam faucet covers from your local hardware store or look into some antifreeze spigots/frost-free faucets to install.
  • Repair Cracks in Driveway
    • Now this may seem like a daunting task, but it’s worth the time and effort to repair those cracks before winter. When water gets into the cracks and freezes, it expands and can cause the crack to expand and crumble. 
  • Put Outdoor Furniture into Storage
    • Yes it’s technically called outdoor furniture, but extend the life of your pieces by protecting them from rain/wind/snow and low temperatures!
  • Seal Gaps to Keep Critters Away
    • Temperatures drop and our furry friends will do just about anything to find a way to get inside where it’s warm (and where there’s food). Check your foundation, crawl space vents, deck, gutters and downspouts, chimneys, attic, garage door, etc. for any cracks or holes. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime!
  • Weatherstripping
    • Check for drafts around your windows, doors, and anywhere you can feel a cool breeze coming in. 
  • Fireplace Maintenance
    • It’s always a good idea to have your fireplace or wood stove cleaned and inspected if you haven’t used it in awhile. Check that the door gasket has a tight seal and make sure the chimney isn’t clogged. 
  • Garage Check
    • Test your winter equipment you’ve had stored away for months. Make sure your snow shovel, windshield scraper, kitty litter/salt is ready to go and easily accessible.


  • Store A/C Units
    • Give them a proper clean so they’re ready to use next summer as soon as you get them out of storage. Remove any window units and vacuum out the parts and filters. Store in tarp or plastic to cover the vents on the unit.
  • Air Humidifiers
    • Reminder to clean these out often during the fall and winter months! Dirty or stagnant water tanks can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and mold spores. 
  • Check Smoke/CO Detectors
    • With furnaces being turned on, fireplaces being used, and space heaters recommissioned, it’s a good idea to check the batteries and dates on all the detectors in your home. (Costco usually has a great deal on these if it’s time for you to upgrade!)
  • Change Out Filters
    • Keep your heating bill down and your system working efficiently by making sure your filters aren’t clogged. It’s recommended to clean these out monthly! 

PRO TIP: Change the direction of your ceiling fans to pull the warm air upwards and distribute it from the ceiling.

EXTRA-PRO TIP: Give your kitchen a good deep-cleaning. The holidays are just around the corner and we promise future you will thank you!

Get a print-friendly checklist here!