When a home goes ‘Live’, it is more important than ever that a home is looking its BEST. Did You Know – 93% of Homeshoppers start their search online – that means it’s our job to make sure your home shines in the listing photos and marketing that will be seen.

5 Ways To Set Your Listing Apart:

  • Cleaning – Preparing to declutter and/or move somewhere new can be a lot on your plate during this hectic time. We work with some amazing cleaning crews who can help get your home in tip-top shape. That way you can focus on selling and they can focus on making your home sparkle.


  • Staging – This is so important! Staging makes a world of difference, especially when it comes to the listing photos of your home. A vacant home needs staging, and so does a lived-in home. When it comes to vacant homes, furnishing and staging really makes the home POP, so homebuyers can envision themselves living there. Staging is also important for the homes that are lived-in and fully furnished with your belongings – this might mean removing/rearranging furniture, taking down personal photos, etc. (remember – these changes are temporary!). So, why do we stage? Check out our other blog post we did all about staging for more details, but it comes down to the fact that not all homeshoppers can walk into a home and visualize the layout of a room, or imagine their things in place of yours. That’s why we work with the best staging teams in order to create the best ‘neutral’ and modern canvas, one that compliments the character of your home for potential homebuyers to see in photos and walkthroughs. 


  • Ultra High-End Photography and Videography – We work with some incredible photographers and videographers across the Puget Sound area. We know the best way to market your home and how to show all of its features, so we’ll determine what the home needs to create outstanding marketing, i.e., Photos, Video, Drone, etc. See Example Here.


  • Digital Marketing Campaigns – We advertise your listing through ads and sponsored, targeted campaigns on social media. With these ongoing campaigns, we push your listing to thousands of viewers in the King, Pierce, and Kitsap counties.


  • Preferred Listing on Zillow + Redfin – We make sure your listing stands out against the competition. As a Premiere Agent, when someone is interested in your home, they can contact us directly.  See example here:


If you are thinking of selling (or buying!) – we would love to discuss our listing process, and how we help our clients net the most out of their sale. We are here to help and guide you through this process.