It’s the most wonderful time of year!

Ready to deck your house out with fabulous Christmas spirit? 

Here are our recommendations for Christmas Light installers in Gig Harbor, WA. Have someone you want us to add to this list? Message us and we will get them added.

These are trusted and recommended professionals:

1) Ladderman, Dirk Erickson

Christmas and Holiday Lights

We charge a flat rate of $3.00 per linear foot to create custom made strands of lights, that will be the perfect length for each side of your house that you want lit, without splices. This price includes all wiring, sockets, bulbs and clips to get the bulbs perfectly aligned on your eaves, gutters or ridges. We charge an additional $3.00 per linear foot to install the lights the first year, and then every additional year, including removal.  An average house frontage needs 70-110′ of lights, so expect $350-$550 total for the first year. Then only pay half that amount for reinstallation and removal every year after.

For installation of existing or newly purchased light strands, we charge $3.00 per linear foot which includes all clips, and also includes coming back and removing them after Christmas.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

2) Hal Bennett Window Cleaning

Contact Us: 253-225-6454

Hal Bennett Window Cleaning is a professional window washing company located in Gig Harbor, Washington that does much more than cleaning windows. We provide professional Window Cleaning with only the highest quality tools and an eye for detail. If you have ever tried to clean your windows and they just don’t seem to turn out the way you want let us do it for you. Your happiness will be assured with our streak free guarantee. Each of our skilled technicians will arrive at your home ready to show you the difference a professional window cleaner can make while they brighten your day with superior results. With an array of ladders from 6′ to 32′ we can easily clean even 3 story windows. From start to finish you will feel like you are in good hands. We work with both residential and commercial clients, and whether you want your windows cleaned multiple times a year or you haven’t had them done in years we will make them shine. We offer both outside only window cleaning as well as interior and exterior window cleanings.

3) Beautiful Day Window Cleaning

Everyone can use a little cheer. Skip the ladders & knotted light strings and enjoy the magic!

Our Christmas lights package includes:

  • pro grade LED lights
  • durable fasteners
  • preset timers

We cover everything you need to look great and enjoy the awe of the season!

*Pro Tip*

We always book up quick for this service! Be sure to reach out ASAP so we can prep and plan the perfect lightscape for your home or commercial building.

Contact: 253-414-5304

4) Clean and Clear Home Services


One of the most exciting aspects of the Christmas season is the decoration. It creates a positive and sparkly environment and ignites your inner child. The most important part of decorating is, of course, the Christmas lighting. It highlights your landscape, revitalizes your home, and gets everyone into the Christmas spirit. Our team wants to help you illuminate your property with your dream Christmas lighting and get into the holiday mood. We offer Gig Harbor Christmas light installation that will transform your property for this beautiful season. Although most homeowners love Christmas lighting decorations, they don’t like to install them. It is a time-consuming process that requires skills and knowledge to ensure the final result looks excellent. Hiring our company will allow you to enjoy the Christmas decorating process without worrying about the hassles of the installation process!